Next Dates

January – June 2023
Last Thursday every month


2 – 4.30 pm
(UK time)




Maximum group size:
8 women

ANIMA – co-vision coaching groups for Women Leaders.

Whether you’re leading in an organisation or running your own practice or venture, there’s a space for you.

Anima: soul; life; feminine principle.
Co-vision: collaborative supervision

The workplace has changed dramatically: the pandemic and cost of living crisis have forced rapid changes to working methods and approaches. People everywhere are rethinking what makes organisations and leaders fit for new futures.

Hybrid working has brought new challenges – whilst we are still engaging with the perennial issues of what it means to be a woman leader today. Outstanding women leaders around the world have often shown themselves better at dealing with crises than those following the ‘Strong Man’ model. What can we learn from such women? And what new approaches and models are needed for new workplaces?

Anima is about stepping back and slowing down – so we can think clearly, deeply and widely together.

Anima is both a place of inquiry and a sanctuary: we explore challenges and concerns, share ideas, models and tools, while building community through a space where you can drop the professional ‘mask’, connect, reflect, learn and seed effective action.

Our aim with Anima is to promote a holistic approach to thinking and decision making – which means mind, body, heart and spirit are all ‘online’. This will also restore your energy and help you face complexity, uncertainty and rapid change with courage and wisdom (rather than wanting to hide under the duvet!)

I decided to work with Hetty and Liz when I was moving to a new law firm. By putting their coaching into practice I quickly got onto the promotion track, established great relationships with my colleagues and secured a new line of business for the firm.
Siobhan Kahmann
Competition and Tech Lawyer, Leading US law firm, Brussels
I feel far more confident and resourceful as a leader since the course. As a direct result my board have given me greater responsibility and I have gone out and created new opportunities for my organisation in a way that I would not have done before.
Nancy Hey
Director, What Works Centre for Wellbeing
It gave me time to think about me, my business and my leadership – I feel completely inspired, re-invigorated and raring to go
Rachel Mills
Founder Director, SE2

Are you wondering how to…

  • Envision new futures in times of great uncertainty?
  • Make the most of being a woman leader right now?
  • Lead your team in the new hybrid world?
  • Manage your own and others’ anxiety?
  • Keep the boundaries between work and your personal time?
  • Make time for self care (put your own oxygen mask on first!)
  • Counter isolation – whether you work from home or feel alone at the top?

These groups are a space to…

  • Draw on public role models who inspire you – or the mothers, grandmothers and daughters in your life
  • Get comfortable with power: how to express ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’ and have a voice at the decision-making table
  • Be open and honest about what’s going on: dropping the mask develops resilience and the courage to be yourself
  • Gain multiple perspectives on your challenges: ‘outsider views’ give you insight and pathways to fresh solutions
  • Tap into a community of professionals you can call on between sessions to sound out ideas or for support
  • Get feedback from peers to make sure you’re being the best possible role model for others

Now is the time…

Now is the time to bring the spirit of leadership back into the workplace. In order to stay the course for the challenges ahead, take time to recalibrate your purpose, power and presence, and clarify your unique contribution to building a new future.

Sessions will run on the last Thursday of every month at 2 – 4.30 pm (UK time)

  • 26 January 2023
  • 23 February 2023
  • 30 March 2023
  • 27 April 2023
  • 25 May 2023
  • 29 June 2023

Please contact us

For a fraction of the cost of 1-1 coaching you benefit from expert facilitation from professional coaches and group facilitators, Hetty and Liz, as well as the creativity and collaborative thinking of a strong group of peers.

Fee: £1,200 + VAT.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 women. Sessions are 2.5 hours monthly, initially online and with the possibility of face-to-face meetings in the future.

PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in applying for a place in the group. Drop us an email or click the button below to complete a very quick form.