Carol Grieve, Head of Customer Service, Scottish Care Inspectorate

“Probably the most valuable workshop I have been on in terms of improving my sense of purpose and presence in the workplace”


Janine Reeves, Study Group

“Being with a group of women of different ages, backgrounds and points in their career was inspiring”

and reminded me that challenges in the work place exist for all of us and that we can support and learn from one another.

Liz Whitaker, Founder and Director, Condor Communications Ltd

“This programme is a game-changer…”

The learning is exceptional … and it sticks. At the end of just two intense days you leave in a much stronger position than you thought possible.

Toni Pincott, Vice President of Arbitration, NERA Economic Consultants

“A well-managed, well delivered and well-constructed programme”

Thank you so much for such a well-managed, well delivered and well-constructed programme, and setting the tone for us to have the space and trust to work so enthusiastically and thoughtfully.

Jane Walmsley, Executive Coach, Mediator

“I have come away feeling refreshed and with a wealth of practical ideas.”

Liz and Hetty quickly created a relaxed atmosphere of warmth, trust and openness. Their styles, skills and expertise complement each other beautifully. I welcomed the opportunity to take two days out to think deeply and to be challenged and supported in equal measure. I have come away feeling refreshed and with a wealth of practical ideas.

Deborah David, First woman president of the Los Angeles Bar Association, Trial Lawyer and Mediator

“I came away with greater confidence, more clarity and the courage of my convictions…”

Liz and Hetty bring remarkable experience, insight and creativity, providing guidance that is reliably practical, useful and effective. I came way with greater confidence, more clarity and the courage of my convictions—life skills that are valuable both personally and professionally.

Abigail Morris, CEO The Jewish Museum

“An inspiring couple of days providing plenty of food for thought.”

Lindsay Scott, Chief Executive, Matrix Chambers

“Thank you both for a wonderful experience…”

… and for creating the environment get to know some amazing women – and myself – better.

Marie Campbell, Deputy Programme Director, Greenpeace UK

“I want every woman I know to do this course!”

The two days I spent on this course are nothing compared to the amount of time and energy I will now save. By cutting through distractions and getting clear on my purpose, I know where to focus my energies and what to cut. I want every woman I know to do this course!

Margaret Bolton, Head of Learning and Dissemination, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

“I really enjoyed it and it gave me a lot to think about.”

The course was very cleverly designed and expertly facilitated to create a supportive space for reflection and personal challenge.

Nancy Hey, Chief Executive, What Works Centre for Wellbeing

“My board have given me greater responsibility and I have gone out and created new opportunities for my organisation…”

I feel far more confident and resourceful as a leader since the course. As a direct result my board have given me greater responsibility and I have gone out and created new opportunities for my organisation in a way that I would not have done before.

Rachael Mills, Co-Founder and Director of SE2 Environmental Consultancy

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”

It gave me time to think about me, my business and my leadership – and I left feeling completely inspired, re-invigorated and raring to go.

Hannah Meadows, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

“I highly recommend this practical and inspirational course.”

I have identified a clear plan with steps to achieve my career goals over the next two years with support from my mentor.

Hannah Weisfield, CEO Yachad (Peace NGO)

“A real privilege”

To be surrounded by a group of fellow women leaders to nurture ideas, support each other in thinking through our challenges, and to take the time and space away from our busy working lives was a real privilege for me and I am really pleased I decided to do it.

Julie Hill, Chair, Waste and Resources Action Programme

“The course has already made a difference…”

It has already made a difference: I had a really good meeting this morning, very much grounded in the techniques we practised.

Gillian Carmichael Lemaire, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator

“A profound experience…”

Working with Liz, Hetty and an amazing group of women on re-defining purpose, managing power and projecting presence was a profound experience which I will not only carry into my professional life, but will also find very valuable from a personal perspective.

Deirdre McLoughlin, Former HR Director Medtronic, Ireland, Executive Coach

“A highly professional development programme that is captivating in its simplicity and strength…”

This program will leave you thinking very differently about your relationship with your personal power, your ‘ikigai’ or life purpose and your own unique way of being in the world. If that is what you are looking for I can highly recommend this program.

Liz Warren, Co-Founder and Director of SE2 Environmental Consultancy

“Liz and Hetty have created an experience which can really help businesswomen to thrive.”

Over two days, I formed firm friendships and gained greater insights into how I work. Highly recommended!

Hazel Polka, The Virtual In House Lawyer, former Assistant General Counsel, Beckman Coulter, Switzerland

“The programme gave me the confidence to start my own business…”

The content of the course and the friendly, inclusive atmosphere confirmed for me that there are effective alternatives to the prevailing, macho style of leadership. It gave me the confidence to step out of the impersonal, data-driven world of the multinational corporation and to start my own business – an ambition I’d held for some years.

Kim Arnold, Founder, KNA Communications

“This programme refreshes the parts other programmes can’t reach!”

Liz and Hetty go that step deeper so you can really address and overcome any issues that are holding you back. For any woman suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’, feeling like you’re not fulfilling your potential or that you can’t be the leader you want to be, these two days will work wonders!

Siobhan Kahmann, Competition and Tech lawyer at a leading US law firm, Brussels

“I often think about the techniques I learnt and use them on a daily basis.”

I decided to attend the course when I was moving to a new law firm. By putting into practice what you taught me I quickly got into the promotion track, established great relationships with my colleagues and secured a new line of business for the firm in my specialist area. I often think about the techniques I learnt and use them on a daily basis.

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